What is smartflower

What is SmartFlower: A Change for Residential Solar

SmartFlower is a photovoltaic solar panels system that is “Smart” and efficient as compared to traditional solar panels. The concept of a SmartFlower is the blend of solar panels and sunflowers. In simple words, SmartFlower is the solar panel assembly that is mounted on the ground with a tracking system to follow the direction of the Sun. The whole system of the SmartFlower mimics the uncurling of a sunflower with sunrise and follows it throughout the day. SmartFlower was founded and invented by Alexander Swatek from Vienna, Austria.

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SmartFlower™ was established in 2010 by Alexander Swatek, Peter Matisovits, and Christoph Schöndorfer with their headquarters in Güssing in Burgenland and Vienna. Three years after working through the designing and planning of the system, they presented their concept and dispatched their first lot of SmartFlowers in the market. Claiming that SmartFlower is 40% more efficient than the conventional solar panels, the company planned to sell over a 1000 units of SmartFlowers just in 2014.


The autonomous working of the SmartFlower system has easily impressed and satisfied its users with its installation and handling. This solar system stands free on the ground and consists of 12 petal-like structures to which solar cells are later added. These petals unfold themselves at dawn and move along with the sun with the help of GPS-controlled, double-axis systems. The tracking of the sun is the reason why the SmartFlower gives optimal output of power generation. This system of 194 square feet of a SmartFlower panel produces approximately 2.50kWp of electricity during peak sunlight hours. The annual output of the system is anywhere between 4,000 to 6,200kWh depending on the region. The output power is enough to meet the power needs of a 3 to 4-person family living in a medium-sized house.

The company gives 25 years of warranty for the module performance (just like regular solar panels) but only 2 years of warranty for the system of a SmartFlower.


The main add-on for a SmartFlower is its simple and seamless installation. It works like any other home appliance with a simple plug and play feature. The assembly has 4 fastening point earth screws or concrete foundation so you can mount it easily on the ground of your lawn and even relocate it easily if you move to another home. The integrated sun-tracking system allows the SmartFlower to move along with the sun throughout the day regardless of cloudy weather situations and even when the sun is down at sunset.

When the petals of a SmartFlower close at the end of the day, they clean themselves with the help of self-cleaning brushes located at the end of the system. This self-cleaning feature reduces the loss of energy output by 5%.

Other than the self-cleaning brushes, the system also boasts wind-monitoring sensors to keep track of wind pressure. If the wind speed levels rise above 54 km/h, the SmartFlower folds itself into a secure position to avoid any damage that could be caused due to the wind. If the wind speed goes above 63 km/h, the system folds into the secondary security position just the way it does during nighttime.

The system is also designed in a way that the hot air is vented out to keep the solar modules cool. This feature helps reduce the loss of electricity because when the temperature of solar modules goes up by 10°C, about 5% of the output is lost.

For people who are more conscious about aesthetics, the SmartFlower™ produces units in different colors as well.


SmartFlowers are a great invention for residential usage. In fact, it is also being used commercially. However, their cost is considerably higher than regular rooftop solar systems. The installation of a single SmartFlower unit can cost anywhere between $25,000 to $30,000 with an average cost of around $27,000.

Currently, the idea of a SmartFlower is foreign in Pakistan. They require a great deal of one-time investments so the acceptability of this system within people here has also a long way to go. While these developments are gradually making their way into our country, EBR Energy is here to assist you for your industrial, commercial, residential and agricultural solar panel solutions. Reach out to us today and get in touch with the top-ranked solar energy company in Pakistan. Contact us via email or just give us a call to get a free quote for your solar energy solution.

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