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Tips to Maintain Your Solar Panels Throughout The Year

Pakistan is one of the few countries that is blessed with all of the four seasons. Even so, the sun keeps on shining here comparatively brightly and powerfully. The summers here are longer than the winter season, allowing solar panels to produce maximum electrical energy in the span of a year. Even in the winters, we get a bright shining sun on most days. Hence, getting solar panels installed in Pakistan for your homes, industries, commercial buildings or for agricultural purposes is one of the best investments for a brighter future.

Just like any other machine or system, solar panels also require regular maintenance but the good news is that they require low to zero maintenance! They are incredibly reliable like that. Most of the set ups do not have any moving parts so the maintenance is low and their life span is longer. Top solar panel companies like EBR Energy offer some of the best long-term warranties. Despite all this, to get the most out of your solar panels, you have to maintain them so that they may last long with greater efficiency. Follow these maintenance tips for your industrial, commercial or residential solar panels and keep on saving on your electricity bills effectively.

Generally, if any failure occurs, it is usually due to the corrosion of the electric wires that connect the solar panels to the inverter or other electric fixtures rather than the actual solar panels. However, any kind of hindrance or obstacle that restricts the sunlight from reaching the solar panels will affect their efficiency and thus the electricity production too.


Summers are the best season for electricity production using solar panels because of the longer days. Unfortunately, solar panels can get cloudy due to  the dust, pollen or even birds’ droppings. Usually, rainstorms are sufficiently effective in clearing this from the panels but if you live in an area where it does not rain very often or there are a lot of dust storms, then it is ideal to clean them yourselves.

If your solar panels are mounted on the ground, it is very easy for you to clean them regularly, but if you have rooftop solar panels, it is recommended that you can install a water sprinkler system for your roof. In the case where you need to get rooftop sprinklers installed, make sure that you supervise the installation process so that the water does not negatively affect the panels or your roof.



When autumn comes, the winds can carry debris and deposit it onto your panels. When this happens, you are recommended to again clean your solar panels to make sure that the debris does not hinder the sunlight from reaching your solar panels and affecting their efficiency. Even fall leaves can cover the solar panels. Try to regularly make sure that your solar panels and rooftop are not covered with fallen autumn leaves. If you don’t take care of the cleanliness of your rooftop, it will eventually affect your solar panels’ cleanliness and hence their efficiency.


During the winters, if you live in an area where it snows, it is recommended that you take special care and do not let the snow cover your solar panels. Usually, the sunlight melts the snow easily but if it snows heavily for a few days, you will have to clean it manually. You can also use demineralized water for this purpose. Ensure that you do not use hot water – it must be lukewarm. Regardless of how cold it gets, refrain from using hot water for clearing snow from the solar panels – they are manufactured from tempered glass which can crack under extreme temperature changes.


For the spring season, if you have trees around your home, industry or where your panels are installed, make sure that they are trimmed. Trees shouldn’t be long enough to cast any shadows on the solar panels because that will affect their sunlight absorption and subsequent power production. You can even schedule yearly maintenance for the entirety of your solar panel set up. The yearly maintenance mainly includes the following:

  • Roof and Drainage Cleaning
  • Electrical Wiring Check-Up for Corrosion/Cracks Caused by Heat & Time
  • Corrosion Repair for the Panels’ Body or Bolts
  • Covering Up Loose/Exposed System Wiring

All these maintenance steps need to be taken and read through very carefully. If possible, you can even avail professional help offered by your solar installation company. Even if you do it yourself, make sure that you get complete and detailed information on how to manage all of this. Remember: safety first!

When you properly maintain your solar panels at set intervals with frequent inspections and a detailed yearly maintenance, you are likely to experience practically problem-free energy production with the same solar panels for decades at a time. EBR Energy, one of the top solar panel companies in Pakistan, provides a long term warranty to its clients. We provide upto 25 years of warranty for solar panels with 5 years of inverter warranty and 1 year long warranty for operations and maintenance. A well established and experienced installation company and/or service provider is an important factor for solar panels installation since it is a rather large one-time investment.

Get in touch with the team at EBR Energy today to avail a quote for the installation of your residential, industrial or commercial solar panel installation and ensure a brighter future.

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