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Things to Consider for Your Industry Before Going Solar

With the increase in industrialization and improvements in living standards of the people in any country, the social and economic problems increase as well. The rise in oil and gas prices in recent years, followed by power generation issues for industrial and domestic sectors, has compelled the government of Pakistan to promote renewable energy by offering different incentives. This way, a lot of industries, companies and individuals are able to become independent of the national power grid. The popularity of solar panels has gained a lot of boosting in recent years because of the ease of the installations and the low demanding environment required for them as compared to any other renewable energy option.

That being said, we also understand that getting a solar electric system installed for your industry or residence can get confusing with all of the misconceptions going around about solar panels. EBR Energy, one of the top leading companies in solar energy, has created a comprehensive guide for you so that you can consider all of the important points before taking the next step for your industry or residence.


The first thing that you need to consider before getting solar panels installed is the climate. If your industry or residence is not located in an area where sunlight is at an easy accessibility throughout the day that it can produce enough energy through solar panels, then you might need to look into another renewable energy resource. But, we have good news for you:

In Pakistan, the daily average Solar Radiation Intensity (SRI – a measurement of the brightness of the sun’s rays at a light wavelength) ranges from 1500W/m2 to 2750W/m2 throughout the year. This ultimately means that in an area of 100m2, 45MW to 83MW of power can be generated per month through industrial or residential solar panels.


We understand the issue of availability of bare land around industries and especially residents or commercial buildings. Not all industries can afford a vast amount of open, empty land around them. Plus, for commercial or residential buildings, even if you have the land available around your building, there is a high probability of it getting shadowed by the nearby buildings. Hence, in the absence of sufficient available land at your industrial site, you can get your solar panels installed at the rooftop of your industry or building instead and still avail infinite energy.

Once you decide to go ahead with the solar electric system installation process with EBR Energy, a team of our engineers will visit the site of your industry and design the most efficient and systematic layout that suits both you and our team. Contact our experts to get a free quotation and set an appointment with our team.


As the popularity of solar panels is increasing, their prices are decreasing significantly too. Solar panels consist of Photovoltaic cells known shortly as ‘PV’ cells. Like all other commodities, services and products that have seen a gradual cost and price drop over a period of time, the cost of PV cells has also gone down significantly. The same cells that used to cost almost $76 per watt back in 1977 when they were first introduced to the market now cost a mere 27 cents per watt as of last year in 2019!

Even then, for a lot of people or industries, investing in solar panel installation is a big step. However, one-time solar installation payments are not the only option now. You can avail loans with EBR Financial Partners with financing options of up to 10 years. Give us a call today or drop a message for more details on our loan policies and we’ll get back to you shortly!


The final aspect to consider before getting solar installed for your industry or residence is the amount you are going to save yearly. You need to be sure of the efficiency and return on your investment for solar panel installations. By getting solar panels installed, you not only get power independence but indirectly save your overhead processing cost. The Government of Pakistan has also been encouraging individuals and industries to start their own renewable energy production by giving several incentives or by allowing monthly billing through net metering. You reduce your yearly tax liability, and eventually, it gives you a chance to expand your industry or production. You need a well-organized and detailed audit of the cost you would be saving.

Get a detailed analysis of the processing costs you would be saving through Solar Panels for your industry by contacting our team today. Going solar will allow you to gain independence and control your own energy production, consumption, and storage. It is one of the best investments you can make for your home and family or business. With EBR Energy, convert your homes, commercial, or industrial buildings into a powerhouse of electricity, and save more for your future!

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