A Solution to Electricity Crisis in Pakistan

The unbearable electricity crises in Pakistan have greatly effected not only our daily lives but businesses and industries as well. The energy crisis is one of the most troublesome crises in Pakistan. People have had to suffer from sleepless nights without electricity even in the summers; students have to struggle with their studies. In the current lockdown situation, people working from home have to face difficult situations when there is a lack of electric power. Businesses have to lighten their production loads in the summers to reduce electricity bills. The gap in the demand and the production of electric energy is so vast that it cannot be covered with the current electric energy production sources alone.

Although, since the past couple of years, the government has attempted to resolve the issue of load shedding. Even then, the crisis can elevate to a more serious level if no proper planning and implementation is carried out.

Causes of Electricity Crisis in Pakistan

Pakistan needs to find sufficient amount of energy resources to meet the electricity demands of the current times that are elevating due to some causes discussed here:

One of the most common malpractices by the people of Pakistan is leaving the lights or electric fans switched on even when they are not needed. Some people even leave their air conditioning on while leaving from their homes so that when they return, the house is cool and welcoming. Similarly, many businesses and shops use lights to extravagantly illuminate their products while others use them to attract people who would be beneficial for their business. Overall, these practices increase Pakistan’s underlying electric energy crisis. Moreover, this also increases the amount of generated heat energy that negatively affects the environment, and eventually deteriorates the ozone layer.

The trigger of dry December 2007 also plays a great role in electricity production crises. It resulted in a decrease in the level of water in dams and hence the production of hydroelectric power plants. Since then, restrictions have had to be made on the release of water because of the agricultural and irrigation needs of Pakistan. The decreased rate of rainfall further added to this crisis.

Increased rates of fuel have made it further difficult for the production of electricity from thermal power plants. WAPDA and KESC purchase electricity at a higher cost and cannot keep on selling the electricity on loss. Hence, they keep on increasing the rate of load shedding. Prices of fuel effects load shedding and electricity production greatly since 60% of Pakistan’s electric power production is through furnace oil.

The theft of power is another underlying issue in Pakistan. Mostly, it is known as the ‘Kunda’ system which is being used to steal electric power. If proper steps are taken to stop this theft and remove it completely from the system, Pakistan can save up to 25% of its electric power.

The growing solar panel industry can be the ultimate source of electricity production that could help greatly in overcoming these issues in our country. Solar panels are a renewable energy resource and they need one basic element to function that is in abundance in Pakistan, i.e.: sunlight. EBR Energy is one of the best solar companies in Pakistan with vast experience in residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and Government solar energy solutions for more than a decade now.

According to solar experts, an area needs a minimum of four hours of peak sunlight in order to produce electricity that is economical. In this regard, Pakistan is the most blessed country that has sun on most of the areas for more than 300 days, and that too with 7 to 8 peak hours of sunlight.

Therefore, solar energy could be our answer to the growing electricity needs and crises. Given the fact that from the past decade the prices of photovoltaic cells have significantly reduced, solar energy can become one of the major electricity production sources in Pakistan.

EBR Energy installs some of the best solar panels for your homes, commercial and industrial buildings, and hydraulic systems for agriculture. With EBR Energy, convert your homes, commercial or industrial buildings into a powerhouse of electricity and enable your country in reducing the electricity crises in this global pandemic.

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