Requirement Phase:

The requirements analysis of the project is the starting point for the EBR Energy team of experts to put down the core objectives and boundaries of the project and lay down the scope. A thorough analysis of the project requirements is needed in order to assess if project feasibility can be carried out or if there are any constraints due to which the project is not viable to proceed with. The necessary tasks and steps carried out at this stage are as follows:

1) Series of Meetings with the client/stakeholders

2) Filling of any requirements form/questionnaires

3) Site Investigation and Detailed Survey including Route Analysis

4) Risk Assessment

5) Conceptual Design and Assessment of Solution Type

All the data and information set acquired from the requirements phase becomes the basis of the technical and financial feasibility. A strong closure of the requirements phase helps to ease the transition into the next phase and develop a bankable feasibility.

Design Phase:

The design phase is the strong combination of the technical and financial feasibility of the project along with the approval of the final proposal to the client. Our team of in-house experts make sure that all the aspects of the feasibility are considered and analyzed before sharing the same with the client. Apart from the technical design and feasibility, the project financial feasibility is also prepared at this stage that includes the complete payback analysis along with all other financial parameters (IRR, NPV,BCR) to assess the project viability in terms of investment. Lastly, the complete project feasibility document is shared with the client for approval and proceeding to the next phase for project commencement. The key and core activities carried out in the design phase are as follows:

1) System Design

2) Selection of Technology and finalization of technical specifications for overall system components

3) Drawings (Civil/Electrical/Mechanical)

4) Bill of Quantities

5) Project Management Plan

6) Project Financial Analysis

Implementation Phase:

Project commencement and implementation is carried out after receiving the official and documented go-ahead from the client. EBR Energy gives utmost importance to implementing the project in the give timeline as scheduled in the project implementation plan assuming there are no delays due to external factors. There are a number of key activities that are undertaken by our team during this stage of the project:

1)  Mobilization of Team and Resources

2) Transportation of Project Equipment to Site including inspection of all material (Foreign and Local)

3) Project System Installation including Construction and Erection Supervision

4) Project Testing and Commissioning

4) Safeguarding of HSE Regulations

5) Project Risk Management

6) Quality Assurance

7) Scheduling and Progress Control

8) Completion of As-Built Drawings (Civil/Electrical/Mechanical)


Training & Handover Phase:

After successful system commissioning  EBR Energy gives high importance to training of end-users or end-beneficiaries in order to make the project fully sustainable. The idea of the training is to make sure that end-users are aware of the installed system components and basic troubleshooting techniques necessary for smooth operations of the system. The typical activities carried out under training are:

1) Sharing of User-Manuals and System Do’s and Dont’s

2) Briefing of Project Components, Functionality, and Outcomes

3) Troubleshooting Techniques

4) Briefing on After-Sales Services

5)  Project Maintenance Requirements

After Training, the project is formally handed over to the client through a project completion certificate.



Operation Phase:

Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of Projects is vital to project sustainability and ensuring maximum service life. EBR Energy provides complete O&M services to its clients during the project warranty period in order to ensure that the project operates smoothly. We make sure to provide all our clients with quality O&M services in order to satisfy them not only with successful project completion but also during the life of the project. We not only provide corrective maintenance but also preventive maintenance through scheduled site visits during the warranty period in order to ensure that the project outcomes and performance are in line with the feasibility that was earlier documented. Additionally, we provide solid manufacturer warranties to our clients through our  trusted international technology partners which further adds to project sustainability and quality.


75kW Project

Solar Water Pumps for Irrigation

Solar Power System for Petrol Pump


  • Documentation
  • Designing
  • Procurement
  • Supply
  • Installation/Implementation
  • Monitoring and control
  • Commissioning