Solar-powered water purifier: The future of clean drinking water

Innovator Xiaohui Xu and his team at Princeton University have introduced a new sustainable water purification device.

The purifier is based on an advanced hydrogel that soaks up and cleans water when it’s cool; releasing the clean water when heated up by the sun. It’s a path-breaking invention that can lead to more efficient, low-cost and renewable off-grid water purification.

Xu stated that the device was inspired by the pufferfish; which absorbs water to increase its size in front of predators and then releases the water later to take back its miniscule size again.

Lack of clean water is a global issue, with one out of three people not having access to clean drinking water. This new device can revolutionize the water purification process, it’s not only an affordable option but also environmentally friendly and fully powered by renewable, green energy.

The purifier is based on CSP, which means it uses solar energy to heat up the hydrogel and release the clean water.

The hydrogel has multiple layers; the top ones filter out microbes, heavy metals, organic molecules and other toxic traits. The inner layer is a dark polydopamine, which converts the sunlight into heat.

Xu tried the device in a lake at Princeton, and in just 2 hours the hydrogel had highest rate of passive solar-powered water purification ever.

Based on a solar system, the invention’s running costs are low to none; the device’s accessibility and its photovoltaic properties make it a great off-grid solar-based purification system.

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