Solar On-Grid (Grid Tied) System

Solar grid-tied systems, as the name suggests, are always connected to the grid. The purpose of a grid-tied system is to feed energy to the main distribution panel of your premises, regardless of the load being operated by the end user. A grid-tied system works during the daytime and feeds all the available power being generated by the solar system to the main distribution panel. The connected load will consume the energy from this panel and utilize it for operation during daytime. Since this is a battery-less system, it is considerably cheaper than off-grid and hybrid solar systems.

The best feature of this type of solar system is that any excess energy available from the system (not being utilized by the load) can be fed back to the grid; this concept of feeding back to the grid is called ‘Net-Metering’. Net-Metering has been operational in Pakistan since 2016 through the framework developed by NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority), and subsequently implemented by the regional DISCOs (distribution companies) through a one-window operation.

EBR Energy is enlisted as an approved vendor by the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB), specifically for implementing net-metering enabled solar grid-tied systems in all four provinces of Pakistan. We provide turnkey solutions to our clients, that include system installation and the complete net metering application process and documentation.


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