The electricity and energy sector of Pakistan is one of those industries in our country that is lacking in funding as well as resources day by day. EBR Energy understands this problem amidst our growing energy needs for households and residential communities by catering to all kinds of requirements for the residential sector.

Residential Solar Energy Solutions

With guaranteed post-handover maintenance and a warranty that would make even the most skeptical of clients convert to solar and renewable energy options, EBR Energy ensures that every client and customer receives the services and products that they desire residential sector.

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Types of Residential Solutions

There are 2 Main Types of Residential Solutions available and offered to our residential clients:

1. Solar Hybrid Solutions

Solar hybrid solutions for residential clients are used to power specific loads in residencies while providing additional backup power options at the same time during the unpredictable load shedding hours as are characteristic of life in Pakistan.

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2.  Solar Grid-Tied Solutions

Solar grid-tied systems, as the name suggests, are always connected to the grid. The purpose of a grid-tied system is to feed energy to the main distribution panel of your premises, regardless of the load being operated by the end-user.


Let The Sun Pay Your Bills!

Solar energy systems not only allow you to reduce electricity bills but you can also earn credit by getting your electric system installed with EBR Energy.

If your energy consumption is less than the energy that is being produced by the solar energy system, you can send surplus energy produced back to the grid in exchange for credits. These credits can be used when your solar panels are under-producing energy (at night or on shorter days in winter).

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