Agricultural & Drinking Water

Access to a clean, reliable water supply is critical for the survival of humans and livestock. EBR Energy offers long-lasting and low-maintenance solar pumping products in order to deliver drinking water reliably and economically.
EBR Energy has a very strong footprint of solar water pump installations all over Pakistan and due to our core expertise in this domain, we have attracted clients from various sectors to fulfill their diverse requirements.
EBR Energy is the premium partner of Lorentz (GmbH), who are the worldwide market leaders and pioneers of engineering and manufacturing solar power water pumping technology. As a
result of having a strong partner in this domain, we are able to provide a variety of solutions that
are accurately designed and backed by quality services and after sales support. The major
sectors we are providing these services to, and who require these solutions on a vast scale, are
the following:

  •  Farmers for agricultural requirements (either through individual level or through
    government subsidies if available)
  •  Non-profit organizations for community requirements
  •  Federal/Provincial government water supply schemes