Punjab Government Announces Launching Electric Transmission Company

Following the power blackout that happened over the weekend on Saturday night, January 10th, 2021, the Government of Punjab has announced its decision to launch its own electricity transmission company.

The Minister of Energy Department, Mr. Muhammad Akhter Malik mentioned in an interview that they have submitted a proposal for the Punjab Transmission & Distribution Company to the Federal Cabinet for approval. He further says that they will build their own independent grid stations, so in case of any mishap or connection failures were to happen again, the entire country would not fall into darkness like it did last weekend.

The Federal Minister of Energy, Mr. Omer Ayub spoke to the Senate about a committee that has been formed to investigate the recent power breakdown that held Pakistan in darkness for several hours, including the major metropolitan cities of Lahore, Karachi and the capital city of Islamabad. The Minister also said that the government is working towards establishing renewable energy projects.

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Credits: Samaa TV/ Urdu Point


  1. A very concise yet informative article. Its an impressive take by Govt. of Punjab. Hope it gets materialised in shorter period of time. Further to that the pitch for opting solar panels is quite justified and need of the hour. For someone who is residing in Melboure (the world’s nost liveable city) I can confirm how solar panels have revolutionised the power sector here especially for domestic consumers. Governments both at federal and state levels encourage people to opt for it and provide opportunities for people to acquire the technology on very convenient and affordable instalments. Hope we too get similar culture established here in Pakistan soon.

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