Work Executed For:

Sukkur Barrage Division, Irrigation Department,
Government of Sindh

Total Capacity:
459 kWp

Solar Water Pumping

Name and location:

Solar Project of the Pumping Station of Patni and Umar Kas Wah at Sukkur for Ensuring the Water Supplies in Tail Reach of Patni System

Solar Water Pumping Project

459 kWp Solar-PV Pumping System at Sukkur

This project with a cumulative capacity of 459 kWp was undertaken for the Government of Sindh in 2016. This is an extremely impact based project implemented in two phases. Phase-1 of the project was based on the installation of 5 solar water pumps, each having 25HP capacity, which was completed in 2017. The water from these pumps is being fed into a 5 km channel that is used by the local communities for agriculture and other purposes. Phase-2 of the project with 10 solar water pumps of similar capacity and size will be completed in 2019.

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