Work Executed For:

Directorate Agricultural Engineering Sindh

Total Capacity:

1.16 MWp


Solar Water Pumping

Name and location:

Provision and Installation of 73 Solar Water Pumping Solutions for
Farmers in Sindh (2017-18)

1.16 MWp Solar-PV Pumping System in Sindh (Multiple Sites)

This project with a cumulative capacity of 1.16 MWp was undertaken for the Government of Sindh and
implemented in multiple districts of Sindh. The project was specifically catered for the farmer
community of Sindh; special subsidies were provided to the farmers by the Sindh Government for
implementing solar-based water pumps at their respective farms in order to improve the efficiency of
agriculture and reduce dependence on conventional and high cost methodologies for water extraction.
The project, with a total of 73 sites, was successfully installed by EBR Energy in 2018.

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