Work Executed For:
Reliance Weaving Mills Limited.

Total Capacity:
1.946 MWp

On-Grid Solar System

Name and location:
Reliance Weaving Mills Limited, Multan, PK

1.946 MWp Reliance Weaving Mills Limited

EBR Energy Pvt. Ltd. is collaborating with Reliance Weaving Mills Limited to enable their advancement in the solar industry and create their #SolarFootprint with a solar installation at their factory in Multan. This solar photovoltaic grid-tied electric system will produce 1.946MWp electricity and expectedly generate 2,748MWh per annum. This solar project will save the environment up to 2,061 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions and PKR 38.5 Million in electricity costs.

EBR Energy

Reasons to Go Solar

Uninterrupted  Industrial Power