Work Executed For:
Irshad Saeed Packaging (Pvt) Ltd.

Total Capacity:
150.48 kWp

Expected Annual Generation:

On-Grid Solar System

Name and location:
Irshad Saeed Packaging (Pvt) Ltd. set up a 150.48k Wp solar installation at Sundar Industrial Estate, Defence Road, Lahore.

150.48 KWp Solar-PV Irshad Saeed Packaging (Pvt) Ltd

EBR Energy Pvt. Ltd. is collaborating with the Irshad Saeed Packaging (Pvt) Ltd. company to #GoGreen with a solar panel installation at their Sundar Industrial Estate in Lahore, Pakistan. The solar solutions system for the packaging company provides a capacity of 150.48kWp and is a grid-tied solar photovoltaic system.

The solar solutions system is set to support about 40% of the factory’s electricity load, reducing carbon emissions by 140 tonnes on an annual basis.

Mr. Muhammad Zulqarnain, the CEO of the company spoke to Team EBR Energy about their decision in choosing us as their installation provider, hoping to bring Sundar towards a solar conversion as much and as soon as possible for the betterment of the country.

EBR Energy

Reasons to Go Solar

We salute our entire team at EBR Energy