Project Consultancy

EBR Energy, with its professional and highly experienced team, provides full-fledged consultancy services to entities, which include the government, investors, project developers, organizations, for solar energy projects; the services start from project conception all the way to successful project commissioning.  We facilitate the development of solar projects and ensure that the overall process is completely in line with the documentation, policies, framework, and regulatory requirements. The following are the services that we provide in this respect:

  1. Project Financial Modeling

Our in-house team of experts prepare a complete financial model for our customers based on their requirements. The model will depend upon the type of project financing structure suitable for the client, as detailed under our project financing section.

  1. Preparation of Technical and Financial Feasibility

A detailed techno-economic feasibility is prepared by our experienced team. The feasibility starts from acquiring the basic project details and data and ends with a suitable and sustainable technical design. Financial feasibility is prepared in line with the project constraints and financial parameters, with a full analysis of all financial outputs for complete customer satisfaction.

  1. Application and Documentation for LOI (Letter of Intent) Process

We fully assist project developers/investors with the documentation process for acquiring a Letter of Intent (LOI) from the respective provincial/federal government department for setting up a power plant project. The documentation will cover the complete checklist of documents required to obtain the LOI.

  1. Selection of Pre-Feasibility/Feasibility Consultants

This is with respect to power plant setup and a part of the LOI milestone. EBR Energy selects the best suited consultants for the project pre-feasibility surveys/studies as well as the actual feasibility studies of the project. EBR Energy will make sure that the studies/surveys are conducted in accordance to the LOI requirements, and fulfill the essential aspects required for their respective approvals from the relevant departments.

  1. Application and Documentation for Generation License, Tariff Approval and Power Purchase Agreements

EBR Energy makes sure that all regulatory and documentation requirements of the project are fulfilled in order to successfully obtain the generation license and tariff approval from the government authorities, as well as the crucial power purchase agreement with the respective electricity dispatch company. EBR Energy maintains the perfect liaison between the clients and the departments, so that all the necessary approvals are obtained smoothly.

  1. Selection of Technology Vendors/Suppliers

EBR Energy is a system integrator, which gives us the advantage of having complete knowledge of the major technology players in the international and local market. Selection of suitable and sustainable technology is crucial to the technical and financial feasibility of the project. Keeping this aspect in mind, we at EBR Energy give close attention to the careful selection of the technology components, to make sure that the project achieves its performance indicators according to the financial feasibility.

  1. Due Diligence and Legal Consultants

Due diligence assessment through third party inspection and validation is becoming a necessary investigative instrument for government/commercial/international/corporate organizations to ensure that the project meets the technical specifications as set forth during the project charter. EBR Energy helps in this regard through collaboration with internationally renowned inspection consultants, who can help to meet the requirements for all types of assessment procedures.

Additionally, EBR Energy set their clients up with legal consultants, who have knowledge of all the legal and regulatory requirements of solar energy projects, to make sure that all such requirements for the project are fully covered during the project life cycle.

  1. Monitoring and Completion of Project Milestones

In addition to the individual services as elaborated above, the overall project milestones are also of prime importance; EBR Energy ensures that the project successfully achieves its key milestones, and in parallel complies with the timeline, as targeted during the feasibility stage.
EBR Energy provides all the above services in coherence, in order to achieve the goal of successful project rollout and the satisfaction of all project stakeholders.


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