Solar energy for homes

Progress & Sustainability in a Developing Pakistan

Over the past 73 years, the subcontinental country of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, known more commonly as Pakistan, has been relying on its agriculture, natural beauty, and landscapes for the growth of its economy and the GDP. However, most of the commercial practices around the world, while economically beneficial, do not promote sustainability or even an environmentally-friendly forefront that could allow an organization to recognize itself as one that is working towards improving and minimizing their carbon footprint. That is where EBR Energy and our work towards a Clean and Green Pakistan comes into the picture.

EBR Energy Pvt. Ltd., in its operations of over 10 years, has managed to enable hundreds of individuals and companies to switch to an electricity production and consumption system that promotes renewability and sustainability in Pakistan. Taking the steps and making the switch to an environmentally-friendly means of electricity usage through a solar electric installation for your company or home is a major decision – one that requires thorough research and assurity that not only will going solar be beneficial for the climate, but also for you and your property setup.

Just last month in July 2020, it was reported that Pakistan had achieved the current Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that were announced by the United Nations in 2015 for the Climate Action SDG-13 for all members of the international organization. This goal had a deadline set until the year 2030 and, according to reports, Pakistan achieved SDG-13 10 years ahead of the stipulated time period in a mere 5-year time span. For a country that is still considered under-developed despite its numerous triumphs in STEM technology, education, and an electric demand that is fulfilled by renewable energy resources at a rate of about 5 percent, achieving a target like SDG-13 is one of the steps that continues to place our country ahead in the renewability game.

For a country like Pakistan that is located right at the Equator, the people of this country have access to renewable energy resources in what seems like never-ending abundance. Over the past several years since 2014 when solar panel installations started becoming abundant and a more freely available and viable option, not only have a higher number of solar energy companies started appearing in Pakistan in hopes to provide services, individuals and companies have started considering and switching to solar. Their understanding and acceptance of the need for renewable and sustainable energy production and consumption options is what is driving Pakistan towards an economy that is beginning to ponder over the sustainability and renewability of their projects, products, and services before implementing any decisions.

This Pakistan Independence Day, it is hoped that the citizens of this country are celebrating safely and cautiously while remaining indoors or at least within the boundaries of their homes. Living in a time ridden with a pandemic is never easy – it is a proven challenge that disallows following through on plans. Fortunately, solar energy is one of such industries in Pakistan which was allowed to continue its operations and provide services to existing, new, and potential clients. After all, electricity is a never-ending demand by all, and EBR Energy understands that and continues to provide consultancy and solar electric solutions to people, companies, industries, agricultural landowners, and government and federal organizations alike. We like to ensure that not only does your new pandemic routine resume smoothly, but that you are able to do so while serving your country through environmentally-friendly and sustainable energy consumption options.

The solar experts of EBR Energy Pakistan are available via email and call even during the global coronavirus lockdown. Contact us for all your renewable energy needs and switch to solar while becoming independent of the national electric grid!

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