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Prepare for Energy-Efficient Holidays with EBR Energy

Winters are an exciting time for most people because of the holidays. People spend more time at home decorating their homes or just chilling around watching movies or gaming because of the vacations and school breaks. As fun and exciting as that sounds, the holiday season can be heavy on your pocket electric bill wise as well. With most of the people spending a massive chunk of their time at home and with the decorations consuming more electricity, your energy usage increases greatly and so does the fee on your electricity bills.

Pakistan’s top solar energy company, EBR Energy, has listed down a few easy-to-follow tips for you so that you can enjoy your holidays without worrying about the ever-increasing electricity bills you are bound to receive as an unwanted new year’s gift! Take a moment to consider these energy-saving tips and automatically reduce the overhead energy costs.

Use LED Lights

You might have heard a lot about switching from fluorescent lights to LED. But why?

LED bulbs require a significantly low wattage of power than fluorescent lights or incandescent bulbs; this is why they are more energy-efficient and last longer than other kinds of bulbs. Incandescent bulbs waste more than 90% of the electricity by converting it into heat, causing them to be highly inefficient light producers. An LED bulb on the other hand works when electricity passes through a semiconducting material known as a diode, which then produces photos that are a form of light. The amount of energy you save by using LED might seem low at first but in the long run, over years, you end up saving a lot on electric bills as well as saving power. Additionally, LED bulbs last longer than traditional fluorescent or incandescent bulbs.

It is best to replace your bulbs with LED lights and decorate your homes energy-efficiently. 

Switch Off Units Not in Use

This might seem like an obvious step at the moment but you would be surprised by the amount of energy wasted by all those computers, TVs or laptops forgotten switched on for the entire night as you fall asleep watching a seasonal show. The holidays are meant to be cosy and relaxing, but with the constantly declining state of the environment and the ever-increasing electricity costs, it is important to monitor the unnecessary usage of extra lights and electrical equipment to prevent an unrelaxing and eventual high bill at the end of the month.

Even for industries or businesses, saving these overhead costs will be a huge win-win! Make it a duty for everyone to be responsible citizens and monitor that all of the extra lights, fans and heaters, and the electrical appliances like microwaves, coffeemakers, etc. are all switched off when not in use and especially at the end of the business day.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are smart devices installed to monitor the temperature inside your home or corporate offices and work with universally-controlled internal cooling and heating systems. These thermostats are known for saving energy as well as costs. They allow you to schedule the thermostat according to the schedule of the people and the rooms they use. These systems can also be programmed for business hours and can even be adjusted according to changing seasons.

Other than thermostats, you can get an inverter air conditioner installed if you do not want a centralized heating system. Inverter ACs are energy efficient and designed in a way that they consume about 30% to 50% less electricity than our traditional air conditioners.

Weatherproof Your Homes

Reducing your electricity usage by minimizing the use of your air conditioning system is another way of achieving lower digits on your electric bill. You can do this by going one step ahead and weatherproofing the premises by insulating your building and the electrical outlets. Prevent drafts and air leakage by installing weather strippings across your doors and windows, especially for extreme seasons when air conditioning is used in abundance.

These tips may seem like they require a lot more effort, but once implemented, you will eventually begin noticing the changes in not just a reduced electricity bill, but also in the regulation of the air conditioning in your home or offices.

Power Up with EBR Energy

Lastly, and most importantly, invest in getting solar panels installed for your home, industry or commercial buildings with EBR Energy. Imagine producing your own energy, independent of the national grid, through the sun with a solar panel system that will let you convert your home, office, or industry into a powerhouse, allowing you to decrease the rate and level of your carbon footprint on the planet and save numbers on your electricity bills.

With EBR Energy, you can take all the right steps to convert your building into a powerhouse these winter holidays! Contact us today and advance towards a brighter and lighter future for your home, industry or commercial building.

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