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Oil Companies Are Collapsing, Solar Energy Keeps Growing

Every time a new invention comes out, people are skeptical and critical. They wonder and prod at the product, hoping it’ll give them enough incentive to buy it and use it. The same happened with solar energy and the solar sector in Pakistan in specific. This sector really came into play from the early 2000s whereby in the early years, people of our country were too unconvinced about using the photovoltaic cell-based electricity generating systems. They preferred their conventional energy supply sources over solar-based energy solutions.

Soon after within 3-4 years, educational institutions and various organizations in the energy sector caught on to the benefits of solar energy. Adding an incentive to these benefits was the rapidly dropping prices of solar products internationally. Today, EBR Energy stands amongst the league of the top leading companies in solar energy in Pakistan. Providing technically sound solutions that are market competitive and along with having all the required warranties/guaranties, EBR Energy remains a leader in solar energy in our country, enabling growth and success for the solar industry of Pakistan.

As a top leading solar company, EBR Energy is successfully enabling solar energy to grow, consequently, the solar sector is causing the coal and oil companies to collapse over time. During the past two months, it was made evident that not only would more and more flights be canceled, but large scale transport itself would dissipate, leaving oil companies to rent out tanks and pay users and customers to store the fuel due to lack of space.

This is the era when a true change can be made through a negative cause, i.e.: the onset of an infectious, viral, and deadly disease. Switching to solar energy has become easier with time, and now, all that is required is to pick up the phone and make the call to kick start the process. Figuring out your requirements is as easy as reading your electricity and heating bills. Then, call us and we will help you figure out the next steps for your industrial, commercial, or residential property so that you can easily and swiftly reduce your dependence on conventional energy sources and add solar to your current energy mix.

At this time, our team continues to work tirelessly to answer queries about installation, requirements, and basically the entire procedure to help you switch from the national electric grid to becoming independent. You would be switching at the perfect time when the weather is about to get hot and the bills are about to double and triple due to the air conditioning and the summer breaks. Switching to a top leading company in solar energy such as EBR Energy is a beneficial step for you because we ensure service and products that are up to date with the leaders in the solar industry of the world since we started operations at the same time as the introduction of solar energy in Pakistan. By relying on the national grid for electricity and gas for heating, you as a consumer cannot be completely sure while living in this country if your supply will be uninterrupted. However, with EBR Energy’s solar solutions, you automatically become your own supplier! The panels on your roof generate your electricity for you, and if you choose the hybrid solution, you can even choose to switch back to the national electric grid, Wapda, on low solar energy production days.

With the onset, eventual success, and gradual growth of solar energy in Pakistan, oil companies and their businesses are continuing to decline – a fact that is only beneficial for not just our country, but for Earth. Already, due to the lockdown and lack of oil for fuel usage, the environment has substantially improved and is able to repair itself from the centuries of damage from the human footprint. Through making the switch to renewable energy, this repair will be encouraged, and the greenery around you will continue to flourish as the skies clear up, the water naturally filters out the toxins, and animals return to their habitats. Oil companies are collapsing, and this change and development have been a long time coming. Now, renewable electricity options, especially solar energy will keep on growing, and the earth will keep on healing itself.

After all, “Nature itself is the best physician,” even when just to itself! (Hippocrates).

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