A New World Record for Efficiency of a Solar Panel

Today there is an intense need for the entire world to switch to renewable energy due to climate change and depleting conventional energy sources. Different researches around the world show that wind turbines and solar panels will become one of the cheapest sources of electric energy in the coming years. But wind turbines require more demanding and specific environments for them to function. However, solar panels are easily accessible and require a less demanding environment for them to function.

The benefit of solar energy is that it is one of the most environmentally-friendly options for electricity generation. EBR Energy Pakistan is at the forefront of providing its customers with solar energy solutions that are reliable and sustainable. With our focus on residential, industrial, and commercial solar panel systems, you can not only reduce figures on your electric bills but also earn credit through grid-tied solar solutions that function through exporting energy to the grid thus making your solar system a mini power plant.

Having spent more than a decade in the solar industry, we have witnessed many technological advancements in this field s and new groundbreaking inventions in this industry. Recent research in NERL (USA) revealed a solar panel that can achieve nearly 50% efficiency in the lab and 40% in the real-time sun setting. This solar panel has set the world record for the efficiency of a single solar cell. This cell has six different layers of solar cells.

The efficiency of a solar cell is measured through the percentage of the solar spectrum’s energy that is converted into electric energy. It is the ratio of energy output from the solar cell to input energy from the sun. Sunlight consist of a spectrum of rays with different energies resulting in different wavelengths. A specific range of wavelength is absorbed by a particular kind of solar cell. Hence, this solar cell consists of different layers of photovoltaic cells that can absorb different ranges of the wavelength of sunlight, resulting in the utilization of most of the solar spectrum and hence increased efficiency of the solar panel.


This has become a big deal because normally a panel of a single type of solar cell can have an efficiency of 8% (This number is just an example; most panels are 15-18% efficient.) This means 92% of the total sunlight is being reflected back without getting utilized into electric energy. But now through the usage of the manufacture of the technology using a combination of six various solar cells, the efficiency of a solar panel has significantly increased. The implementation of this technology will also mean that we can reduce the size or number of solar panels while maintaining the electric energy production. In the longer run, this will mean that solar panels will become cheaper and smaller for consumers, and will still be able to meet the needs of the end-user.

The particular technology of the solar panel in the discussion has a total of 140 layers incorporated into six different solar materials. Even then, the size of the entire surface is just one-third of the thickness of the human hair. The researchers say, ‘Further reduction of the series resistance within this structure could realistically enable efficiencies over 50 [percent].’ The semiconductors used in this solar panel are alloys that are made by combining the elements of group III of the periodic table with those of group V. This type of semiconductor is called III-V. Elements from both of these groups, i.e.: III and V are mostly known in alloy form.

While III-V’s are under the process of revolutionizing the world with a great amount of solar efficiency, EBR Energy continues to brighten your homes and commercial and industrial setups with its prompt and costumed services in solar panel installation. With EBR Energy, you can take all the right steps to convert your building into a powerhouse this summer 2020!


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