How Industrial Solar Panels Benefit Businesses

The industrial revolution over the past one century has been through a very rapid and dramatic shift. This has brought prosperity in economics and increased imports and exports globally. Industrialization in Pakistan particularly is of great importance since it can raise national income, increase the employment rate, and improve relationships with foreign countries because of imports and exports. However, industrialization comes with greater responsibilities as well. With the increase in oil prices and electricity demand, the per-unit rates of power are also increasing. This is causing a lot of industries to now switch to solar, enabling them to improve their stakeholder perceptions, save electricity bills, and get a better return on their investment.

EBR Energy is the top leading company in solar energy in Pakistan that caters to industries and commercial sectors for solar panels along with agricultural and residential solutions too. Producing power through the sun, which is a constant and sustained source of energy, is one of the most efficient renewable energy mechanisms. If you are uncertain about whether or not you should install solar panels for your industry then you are at the right place. EBR Energy has put down major benefits that your industry can avail after going solar with us!

Power Independence

The chief benefit of having solar panels installed for your industrial company is that this change will make you independent of commercial power supply sources. You will have a reliable and certain source of power supply. You also will not have to worry about the inflation of commercial power rates because you’ll be producing electric energy on your own. 

The additional benefit of going solar with EBR Energy for your industry is that you won’t have to worry about the commercial power load-shedding. Since load-shedding is a regular issue in Pakistan, getting solar panels installed and going independent of the national grid will save you a lot of inconvenience and will keep you protected from price inflations.

Reduce Overhead Costs

All businesses want to cut their overhead costs to the maximum. Businesses’ overhead costs include a lot more than just wages, operations and material. Managing a business requires more than this such as office supplies, machinery and property maintenance, insurance, bills, and a lot more. The major overhead cost that a business can cut down is electricity bills. Getting solar panels installed for your industry can reduce the cost of power supply by producing your own energy. Sure, it’s a big step and requires investment but once your industry starts producing its own power, you will start getting major returns on the investment. In the case that your power production is greater than your requirement, you can even sell the extra units back to the grid.

Expand Your Industry & Production

Once your overhead costs are reduced after getting solar panels installed for your business, your overall operational costs will also reduce. Moreover, with the reduction in global fossil fuels, the prices of gas and petrol are increasing every other day. Solar solutions for your industry will save you from the inflation of gas and petrol prices. Eventually, this will save you a lot of money, letting you expand your industry, eventually increasing your production. Many developed countries offer added solar incentives to the industries that have solar panels installed. Once the economy of Pakistan is stabilized, the government is likely to encourage industries and individuals to install solar panels and be independent of the national power grid to protect and save the environment.

Reduce Tax Liability

Owning an industry means paying a big chunk of your income to the taxes. The commercial and industrial power per unit rates are different than residential rates. The more electricity bill you pay, the more taxes you have to pay. FBR has issued to withhold tax rates on commercial and industrial consumers. Reducing or even eliminating your electricity bill will reduce the tax that is liable on your electricity bills.

Fulfil Your CSR

Getting solar panels installed will buy your industry the green credentials. A lot of consumers nowadays encourage or demand industries to reduce their carbon footprint as much as they can. According to a survey, if you install a solar panel of 5KW, in one life-span, it will eliminate carbon emissions equalling the planting of approximately 21,000 square feet of trees.

EBR Energy has a vast experience in industrial and commercial solar panel solutions. We have worked on one of the biggest solar energy projects in the country. EBR Energy is now providing free quotations for all your energy requirements. Contact us via email or reach out to us on social media to get a call from us and become independent of the national electric grid.

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