Getting The Most Out Of Your Solar System This Summer

Even though Pakistan is one of the few countries where most areas get all four seasons, the sun remains comparatively bright and powerful throughout the Summer months from May to September, allowing your solar panels to soak up heat and sun rays to their maximum capacity. Similar to all machines, solar panels also require regular check-ups and maintenance for efficient performance and enhancements. Here are a few steps to ensure that your solar panels provide their best performance:

Ensuring System Performance

The first place to check for your solar solutions system and its performance is via your EBR Energy provided monitoring account. This helps you track the production and the usage of solar energy from your home panels so that you can easily keep an eye on seasonal usage patterns and savings. It is important to know how to read your meter. Our team ensures that you as a homeowner are trained in maintaining your solar system when we hand it over to you upon project completion.

Another factor that helps you check on the performance of your system is by keeping a track of and checking your grid bills to ensure that you are not being unfairly charged. You can also check production and consumption patterns on your monitoring account to cross-check if and when you get a charge on your electricity bill.

Panel Inspection

Like we mentioned before, solar panels, like all machines, require maintenance and check-ups to ensure optimal performance and output. EBR Energy provides maintenance and support services for 5 years as a part of your solar solutions contract. However, it is necessary for you as a homeowner to visually check for debris, dirt, and bird and rodent nesting activities to ensure that your panels’ full access to sunlight is not being blocked. In the case that any of the above or more are found, contact our maintenance and support specialists and the appropriate measures will be taken to clean up and solve the situation.

Clear Path for Sunrays

While going solar does not record many large or major landscape changes, it does require that the surrounding foliage and nature remain lower and considerably clearer so that the sun’s rays are focused on panel absorption. You can help your solar panels receive maximum sunlight by keeping your trees trimmed and ensuring that they are not causing any shading over your home solar panels.

Efficient Energy Usage & Consumption

Not only is it important to keep a close eye on your solar panel system and outdoor setup, but it is also vital to make changes inside your homes to keep your solar panels running efficiently and smoothly.

Replace all the light bulbs and tube lights in your home with LEDs and energy-saving lighting options. LED lighting options consume a lesser amount of energy than light bulbs and tube lights, decreasing the strain on your electric systems.

Switch off the standby modes of all appliances and electrical devices when they are not being used or simply unplug them. This includes televisions, microwave and electric ovens, desktop computers, gaming consoles, and especially charging cables for all your devices. Even when they are not being used, these devices and appliances continue to pull energy from their sockets, unnecessarily overheating and overusing the internal wiring systems of the machines and your home! Furthermore, by switching off the standby mode or by unplugging appliances, you are saving the environment as well!

Run your high energy machines and appliances like dishwashers, clothing washing machines, and electric ovens during the day time. By doing so, your solar panel storage gets to recharge while being used and the reserves can be filled for the night time when the panels are not producing any electricity. You may not know this, but electricity unit rates are higher in the evenings! Which means that not only would the produced solar energy be wasted, you would be paying more during the evenings and night if your solar reserve runs out. During the summer, due to longer days, it is even easier to produce more solar energy, meaning that you get to make to most out of your solar system.

Ensuring the smooth and efficient running of your home and appliances is what will keep your bills from hiking overnight. Preventing your bills from rising this summer is easy with EBR Energy, showing you the many ways to optimize your solar solutions system while also providing you our maintenance services year-round!

Contact our solar experts at EBR Energy today to become independent of the grid and protect yourself against electricity and cost fluctuations this summer.


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