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Ensuring Solar Panel Efficiency

Like everything else, solar panels too vary in efficiency based on multiple factors. Solar panel efficiency is also known as solar panel conversion rate which refers to the rate at which the sun’s rays hitting the solar PV cells are converted into usable electric energy. Usually, for commercial solar panels, the rate range is 11% to 21% depending upon the size and type of panel.

Here, we will list down a few factors that affect the efficiency or conversion rate range for your solar panels installed by EBR Energy.

Type of Solar Panel Used

Solar panels are manufactured using silicon. The purity levels of the silicon used in the production of the solar Photovoltaic cell panels are what determine solar panel efficiency.

  1. For homeowners or residential clients, monocrystalline solar panels use silicon with the highest level of purity.
  2. The next level uses polycrystalline silicon, and while not as efficient, panels manufactured with this silicon aren’t much different.
  3. The third level of solar panels uses thin film, which is lower in efficiency and conversion rates but also costs a lot less. These also take up more space than mono- or polycrystalline panels and thus are not ideal for homes.

Shade & Orientation

To ensure that your solar panels are highly efficient and produce maximum electricity, the installation team at EBR Energy makes sure that your solar panels are not obstructed by any shade. If your panels are not receiving maximum sunlight because of even a little bit of shade, their conversion rate will significantly decrease.

Besides shade, our team also ensures that your solar panels are positioned to receive maximum rays from the sun. In Pakistan, we already receive maximum sunlight due to being located near the Equator, but it is still important for solar panels to be installed in the correct orientation and tilt.


While being located in sunny areas of the planet helps you receive maximum sunlight, this also means that the temperature would be a lot higher. The effect of temperature on solar panel efficiency is such that is can cause a decrease in the conversion rate of sunlight to electricity for your home, office, school, or commercial building.

This is why the team at EBR Energy ensures that your solar panels are not just positioned ideally for maximum sunlight absorption, but also to receive a good amount of airflow to keep your panels cooled and your conversion rates at max!

Solar Panel Maintenance & Life

Throughout the life of a solar panel, like all other products, the efficiency of the solar electricity system naturally decreases with time. EBR Energy installs panels from globally renowned manufacturers that provide complete support and levels of warranties ranging from manufacturer warranty (workmanship) to performance warranty

Alongside a fantastic guarantee and warranty plan, EBR Energy also provides maintenance to the clients as per their requirements that are planned on a yearly basis after the project is completed. The scope of maintenance varies and is decided as per mutual agreement with the clients. Maintenance is essential to ensure that the solar panels are running at optimum efficiency and producing maximum electric energy.

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