Energy Efficiency Tips for Homeowners

Energy efficiency means that you’re getting the same job done while utilizing minimum energy. To effectively decrease your usage of energy, here are a few tips to help you save power and money in the upcoming summers.

Use Energy Saving Bulbs

Replacing just one bulb with an energy saver can grant you great savings on your electricity bills. These energy saving bulbs use about 25%-75% less energy as compared to the traditional incandescents; they even last 3 to 20 times longer than them.

Bathtub over Running Water While Bathing

We all enjoy long showers but it is not good for the environment. Taking bath with running water wastes a lot of it than is required for one. Try to switch from taking bath with running water to taking bath in tub and contribute to environment in saving water.

Insulate Your Home

One-third of heating or cooling your home is lost due to no insulation in the walls. Research shows that insulating your home can help you save up to Rs. 30,000 per year. So the best step to take for saving energy is getting your home walls insulated.

Go Solar

Every year we see increases in the price of electricity units. To save yourself from heavy monthly expenses, you need to convert your traditional electricity resource to solar. Investing in solar will help you become independent of the grid and develop your own power for free.

Photo Credit: GreenMatch

Appliances on Standby

You might think that leaving charged appliances might not cost you anything due to the new technologies embedded in them. However, they do consume a bit of electricity even after being fully charged. It is a better practice to not to leave your appliances unsupervised and unplug them as soon as they get fully charged.

Switch Off Lights

Most obvious but most ignored technique for saving energy. Did you know that ceiling fans do not cool the room temperature, they just help your body to cool down by evaporating any sweat, so don’t leave it on when you leave the room with the hope that it will keep the room cool. You need to make it a practice to always switch off any excessive lights and you will be surprised how much it will cut down on your bills.

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