Energy Conservation Solutions

Energy conservation or in simpler terms “saving energy” is important because it reduces the cost of living and positively affects the environment and everyone in it. Energy conservation is applicable in multiple sectors starting from the simplest of all, domestic or residential, to the larger setups like commercial and industrial buildings.

EBR Energy provides comprehensive services for energy conservation, through energy audits that are aimed to assess the energy needs and efficiency of buildings in any sector. These energy audits lead to energy management proposals, through the application of technology, to reduce the existing energy usage and increase the overall efficiency of the energy consumption portfolio of the premises. The audit (walkthrough or detailed diagnosis) can encompass the following activities:

  • Inspection of grid/generator/motor/machinery usage
  • Inspection of lighting/HVAC usage
  • Inspection of all other appliances
  • Overall energy usage analysis of the building
  • Identification and development of energy conservation opportunities including cost/benefit analysis and application of suitable technology

The most common type of energy conservation solution implemented on a large scale is LED Lighting. EBR Energy, being a system integrator, has partnered with international technology experts in LED Lighting, who offer LED Lighting for various applications such as:

  • Indoor LED lighting products including bulbs, down lights, tube lights
  • Outdoor LED lighting products such as street lights, bay lights, flood lights

All-in-one street light applications, which include solar panel, charge controller, battery, LED light, all housed in one single system.


75kW Project

Solar Water Pumps for Irrigation

Solar Power System for Petrol Pump


  • Documentation
  • Designing
  • Procurement
  • Supply
  • Installation/Implementation
  • Monitoring and control
  • Commissioning