Double-Sided Solar Panels That Track the Sun

Due to climate change and shortage of global fossil fuels and power resources, there is an intense need for the entire world to switch to renewable energy resources for the production and consumption of energy. Various researches and surveys around the world show that wind turbines and solar panels will become one of the cheapest sources of electric energy in the coming few years. It is apparent that wind turbines require a specific environment for them to efficiently produce electric energy. Whereas solar panels produce electric energy in quite less demanding environments and they are easy to maintain as well.

Solar panels are one of the most environmentally-friendly options for the production of electric energy. Solar electricity generation and water heating system installation services provided by EBR Energy are reliable and trustworthy. With our residential industrial solar panel systems, you can not only reduce figures on your electric bills, but you can also earn electricity credits through grid-tied solar solutions.

During our course of conquering the solar panel industry for more than a decade, we have seen amazing reforms and inventions in the industry. One of the recent researches at Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore has astonished the solar energy industry. Double-sided solar panels that can change direction according to the sun’s position could boost the amount of solar energy produced!

Dr. Carlos Rodríguez Gallegos and his colleagues at SERIS found that double-sided solar panels that track the sun would produce 35% more energy while reducing the average cost of electricity by 16%. The two technologies (double-sided solar panels, and tilting of solar panels according to the sun’s position) existed separately before this, but now, their combination may revolutionize the industry in the coming years.

In a recent statement made by Dr. Gallegos, he explained, “The goal for any solar panel is to absorb as much energy from the sun as possible. At present, solar panels around the world are predominantly installed with a fixed orientation, and absorb light only from one side. The advantage of using two-sided solar panels is that they can also absorb energy that is reflected by the ground onto their rear side.”

These solar panels use dual-axis trackers to follow the direction of the sun. It not only tilts from the East to the West to track the direction of the sun during daytime but also tilts 360° to track the course of the sun over the period of the entire year. This is because the elevation of the sun is higher in summers and lower in winters.

The research team at SERIS calculated the global solar energy generated by different solar panel setups. They used global weather data from NASA’s orbiting ‘Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System’ (CERES) instrument to analyze it and estimated the total energy generated in those setups. It was found that double-sided solar panels would produce 35% more energy when combined with a single-axis tracker and 40% more when combined with a dual-axis tracker.

With the growth of the solar energy market, an increasing number of commercial, industrial and residential owners are committing to use solar panels for electric energy. Studies confirm that their extensive use will eventually have significant economic and energy advantages.

“This means that investing in bifacial and tracking systems should be a safe bet for the foreseeable future,” said Dr. Gallegos.

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