Our Clients

EBR Energy takes pride in providing services to a number of esteemed organizations in diverse sectors.  We ensure that stakeholder satisfaction is guaranteed throughout the life of the project, so that the end users can gain maximum benefit from our services. Our goal is to not only deliver the project but also to continue to offer customer support for the period during which the project serves its purpose, and to be the first ones to respond in case of any difficulty. After years of experience in the renewable energy industry, we at EBR Energy put great effort in project delivery and most importantly in project upkeep.

EBR Energy provides services to clients from various sectors, including the following:

  1. International Organizations
  2. Donor Agencies through their Local Partners/Setups
  3. Oil & Gas Companies
  4. Federal & Provincial Governments
  5. Corporate Sector Clients
  6. Industrial Sector Clients
  7. Non-Profit Organizations
  8. Residential Customers

Below are some of our esteemed clients whom we have served since our inception:

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