Save On Electricity Bills This Summer with EBR Energy

When spring rolls around, we know that summers are just around the corner. Summers come with the excitement of swimming pools, ice cream, fruits, and most importantly, holidays. In the past few years, climate change has caused the span of the summer season to get significantly lengthened. The changes in global and regional climate patterns […]

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Is Solar Energy reliable and powerful enough for my home or business? The sun is constant. It rises and sets pretty routinely. It is more predictable and reliable than power plants, that often experience power outages. What is Net Metering? Net Metering is a billing mechanism that credits solar energy system owners for the electricity […]

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Benefits of Solar Energy to the Environment

Solar Energy is a clean, affordable, and sustainable way to generate electricity. Along with substantial financial benefits, solar power has significant environmental benefits as well.  REDUCES AIR POLLUTION Harmful carbon dioxide and methane emissions from fossil fuels, our traditional energy source, are leading contributors to global warming and decreased air quality. Generating electricity with solar panels, however, produces no […]

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Half The World’s Electricity Will Come From Wind, Solar And Batteries By 2050

John Parnell Contributor I cover the international renewable energy sector, especially solar. Half the world’s electricity will be sourced from wind, solar and batteries by 2050, according to research from BloombergNEF (BNEF). The firm’s latest New Energy Outlook puts this investment opportunity at $13.3 trillion dollars with wind and solar taking $5.3 trillion and $4.2 trillion respectively. […]

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New York sets goal for enough solar to power 1 million homes by 2025

The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act passed the Assembly early this morning and will now await the Governor’s signature. Solar advocates praised the State Legislature’s adoption of long anticipated legislation that will help New York’s efforts to fight climate change by boosting solar energy, requiring at least 70% of electric generation come from renewable […]

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Study finds 10% solar energy generation could save Pennsylvania $619 million yearly

A new report commissioned by renewables developer Community Energy finds that transitioning 10% of Pennsylvania’s electric generation to solar would decrease the state’s wholesale electric costs by $619 million annually. Making that transition would cost less than half that amount, and would lower wholesale electricity prices across the multi-state utility power grid, PJM Interconnection, by […]

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