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A Solutions to Electricity Shortage in Rural Settlements

By many, the south-east Asian country of Pakistan is considered to be an underdeveloped nation with years, maybe decades, to catch up to the developing and developed countries of the world. In truth, Pakistan is a diverse country with areas of all stature and levels of development. While it may be true that it will take us some time to reach the level at which the States and Kingdoms reign, solar energy arrived in Pakistan around 2004 and has been enabling improvement in livelihoods as well as helping the country progress towards becoming increasingly environmentally friendly one step and one household or factory at a time.

Thousands of companies, as well as individuals, have already taken the step to go solar, with hundreds of those having been supported by the installations from EBR Energy, our company ensuring that their solar energy solution system would become an investment that would benefit the client, i.e.: you, sooner than expected with savings in electricity bills. In fact, EBR Energy has also enabled multiple agricultural and rural settlement clients to make the switch to solar solutions, running water pumps and their work on solar instead of through the national electric grid. By making the switch to rural solar energy solutions, not only do you not have to worry about the ever-increasing grid electricity bills, you help save the planet and the environment, without which rural settlements would not be able to survive. A few years back, a study by World Bank Publications revealed that rural electrification would be highly beneficial in improving and, in Pakistan’s case, saving the economy of a country. It discussed the usefulness and benefits of switching to a solar electrification system for rural settlements with some of these reasons:

Improvement in Health

Powering rural settlements and communities of Pakistan is incredibly necessary since we live in a country that relies mostly on its agricultural abilities. The need for an abundance of water supply is as important to the economy of Pakistan as is the need for solar energy. By converting rural communities into their own solar powerhouses, the health conditions would get vastly improved for the people. The current powering sources in rural areas emit carbon dioxide, creating and increasing indoor pollution. Due to the usage of kerosene oil and candles in closed rooms for lighting purposes, indoor pollution is further amplified and is known to cause mental problems and/or fetal damages to children as well as the adults who are inhaling the fumes on a daily basis.

Continuous Power Provision

Solar energy solutions are installed on the basis of need, which means that every building requiring electricity would get its own electric supply instead of relying on the national power grid for electricity. Once a building is independent of the national grid for electric supply, its operations become significantly independent and enhanced as well due to the ability to use power as and when needed instead of relying on the national supply of power, or lack thereof. What this does is that you as a consumer and as a citizen are enabled to work for longer hours instead of only while the natural sunlight is available if you install a storage facility for your system.

This benefits not just you but your rural business as well as your family. Children can study better and for longer hours indoors through solar-powered homes. Your individual or business work can continue past 4 or 5 pm during winters. You can even install a heating system for your homes to make working in the harsh rural winters easier on you, your family, and your agricultural business. With productivity improved by an abundance of free electricity, the likelihood of improved mindsets becomes even higher, further improving livelihood and relations.

Reduced Water Consumption

While Pakistan shifted to renewable energy options like hydroelectricity a long while back, this has also caused thousands to get displaced and has caused a major water crisis in the country. Furthermore, non-renewable options like burning fossil fuels and nuclear energy require a large amount of water consumption. Solar energy, by contrast, produces electricity without any additional water usage, saving the resource for better consumption elsewhere, such as in agriculture, livestock farming, and cleaning. The renewable option of solar energy also does not pollute nearby water reserves unlike coal mining and coal plants, further saving the clean water for consumption by the rural communities.

Reduced Usage of Funds

Once your funds are freed up from paying the hiking electricity bills every month, they can be put towards better purposes, like improved agricultural technology and heating your homes and businesses during the harsh winter months.

Through solar energy solutions being installed and used in rural communities, EBR Energy has ensured an improved lifestyle and the ability for our clients to focus on their lives and businesses instead of on paying energy bills. Through switching to rural solar energy solutions, you, as a consumer and as a citizen in a rural community, can ensure the ability to upgrade your lifestyle and your essential household and business work.

EBR Energy is focusing on you even during this lockdown. Give us a call and let us plan a solar conversion to help you save your funds as well as the economy this summer!

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