6 Reasons to Go Solar in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country that is blessed with a high potential for renewable energy resources. Among all of the renewable energy resources, solar energy is the most convenient and easily accessible, requiring a comparatively less demanding environment. The daily average Solar Radiation Intensity (SRI) ranges from 1500W/m2 to 2750W/m2 in Pakistan throughout the year, which means that in an area of 100m2, 45MW to 83MW power can be generated per month.

The Government of Pakistan is now promoting the investment in small scale generation of electricity with renewable energy resources through the Net-Metering process with the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB). EBR Energy is one of the top leading companies in the solar energy industry in Pakistan and the first company to acquire the net-metering license in Pakistan approved by AEDB up till 1MWp Solar Projects.

Established in 2009, EBR Energy has done numerous commercial, industrial, residential and Government projects covering all the provinces of the Country. With our experience for over a decade and our Pan-Pakistan presence, we have jotted down a few irresistible reasons to go solar in Pakistan:

Reduce Your Electricity Bills

In recent years, the summers last for about 7 to 8 months. This makes summers, towards the end, tedious and tiresome. Longer and intense summer seasons eventually result in higher electricity bills, that too for a long period of the year. Installing solar panel systems at your homes, industries or commercial buildings can not only reduce your electricity bills but also eventually eliminate them. Even if you don’t produce 100% of the power of your daily usage, you will still be able to reduce hefty figures on your electricity bills.

Earn a Good ROI

Installing solar panels system might seem expensive at first, but they are one of the best ways to invest your money. The substantial electric bill savings from your solar energy system will surely return you your money back in just a few years.

Protection from Energy Crisis in Pakistan

The energy crisis is one of the most troublesome crises in Pakistan. Businesses and industries suffer the most at the hand of the electricity blackout and eventually our economy too. For the past couple of years, the government has attempted to resolve the electricity issue. Even then, the crisis can elevate to more serious levels if no proper planning and implementation are carried out. Going solar in these times will allow you to own your own powerhouse that will not only reduce the demand of electricity from the national grid, but it will also allow you to add your excess energy produced to the national grid.

Increase Your Property Value

According to several studies, homes that are equipped with solar energy systems have a 3.74% higher property value than their non-PV counterparts. Property dealers have now started to take solar energy systems into consideration as a value of the property at the time of sale. As buyers are getting more educated on solar energy, the demand for properties with solar panel systems continues to grow.

Solar Energy Systems are Durable

Solar panels have no moving parts, hence they are not prone to as much damage or system failures, consequently lowering the chances of interruption in service. Solar panels can survive high wind and extreme weather conditions such as rain, snowfall and even hail. Additionally, they require minimum maintenance and one PV system can last you for about 25 to 30 years. Even after the 25-year period, they do not stop producing electricity only the efficiency of the panels and systems that gets reduced.

Protect Environment

One of the greatest advantages of a solar panel system is that it is an environmentally-friendly system that lets you reduce your carbon footprint on Earth. Recently, since the pandemic has hit the world, CO2 emissions have reduced in many parts of the world. But several experts believe that it is not because of the lockdown situation, but because of most of the decreased demand (hence, burning) of fossil fuels due to the use of renewable energy resources. EBR Energy has saved over 1.7 billion trees so far and reduced over 197,123 tons of CO2 emissions!

Going solar will allow you to gain independence and control your own energy system. It is one of the best investments you can make for your home and family or business. With EBR Energy, convert your homes, commercial, or industrial buildings into a powerhouse of electricity, and aid your country in reducing the electricity crisis in this global pandemic.

EBR Energy is now providing free quotations for all your energy requirements. Contact us via email or reach out to us on social media to get a call from us!

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