• EBR Energy Now Offers Residential Solar Lease

    Effective June 01, 2012, EBR Energy is pleased to offer Residential Solar Lease option to its customers in NJ, MA, PA, MD and Washington DC.  Zero ($0) down solar lease programs are offered through association with NRG Solar program.  The 20-year residential lease will save the homeowners thousands of dollars with absolutely no maintenance cost.   Please call 1-855-276-5270 for more information about the program details.

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  • EBR Energy on Twitter

    Connect with EBR Energy on Twitter (@EBRCORP)  for the latest on renewable trends and available financing programs available through EBR Energy.

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  • EBR Energy Provides Complete Solar Energy Solution in Massachusetts

      EBR Energy will expand its operation in Massachusetts in 2012.  Massachusetts has one of the best renewable energy policies in the country which is making the solar system installations very cost-effective with one of the lowest pay-back period in the U.S.    For more information please contact  

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