EBR Energy Expands Operations to the Middle East Region

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EBR Energy is pleased to announce that it has expanded its operations to the Middle East region. EBR Energy (GCC) was registered in United Arab Emirates (UAE) in October. Through its operations in UAE, EBR Energy will establish its footprint in the UAE, Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) and the greater Middle East and Africa (MENA) regions by providing solar energy engineering and project development services.

Middle East is well poised to take advantage of solar energy potentials. The governments in the regions have recognized the importance solar energy in their long-term energy strategy and they have been implementing the policies which will help the solar energy market place.

EBR Energy (GCC) will utilize its expertise in off-grid and grid-tied solar projects as well as providing solar energy solutions to specific remote applications such as oil & gas exploration, micro water desalination as well drip irrigation solutions.