• EBR Energy Opens Office in Dubai

    EBR Energy is pleased to announce the starts of its operation in Dubai. The operations will be managed by the EBR’s local subsidiary - EBR Energy Electromechanical Works (LLC). EBR Energy’s Dubai office will focus on DEWA’s recently announces grid-tied interconnection policies which allow any property owner to install a solar (PV) system of up to 10 MW. Given EBE Energy’s experience in grid-tied PV, customers can rest assured that the system will meet ...

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  • EBR Energy Offer PPA in UAE

    EBR Energy has joined forces with a leading energy investment group to provide power purchase agreements (PPA) to customers in UAE. Although the PPA can be suitable for all type of customers, initially PPA will be offered to large commercial and industrial customers in Dubai and Northern Emirates. PPA will allow customer to acquire a solar (PV) system at ‘zero’ cost. Once the solar system has been installed, this will guarantee the ...

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  • EBR Energy to Install Solar-Powered LED Street Lights in UAE

    UAE December 2014. EBR Energy (GCC) has been awarded a contract to install first phase of solar-powered LED solar street lights. EBR will provide a complete turnkey solution to the customer. This implementation will enable the customer to provide a safe and well-lit working area to its workers while eliminating the excavations cost. This project will also complement customer’s existing CSR initiative.

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  • EBR Energy Expands Operations to the Middle East Region

    EBR Energy is pleased to announce that it has expanded its operations to the Middle East region. EBR Energy (GCC) was registered in United Arab Emirates (UAE) in October. Through its operations in UAE, EBR Energy will establish its footprint in the UAE, Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) and the greater Middle East and Africa (MENA) regions by providing solar energy engineering and project development services. Middle East is well poised to take advantage of ...

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  • 75 KW System in Eastern Massachusetts Goes Live

    EBR Energy has successfully launched the 75 KW (flat roof) solar PV system in eastern Massachusetts. The PV system was connected to the National Grid’s (local utility company) network on May 6th, 2013. The system is expected to generate between 80 MWH to 90 MWH per year. The installed PV system will meet approximately 15% of owner’s total electricity requirement.

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  • 75 kw Roof-Top System in Massachusetts

    July 31, 2012.  EBR Energy is rapidly expanding its presence in Massachusetts’ solar market with securing 75 kw flat roof-mounted PV.   EBR plans to complete the installation work by late November 2012.  The customer based in central Massachusetts is in National Grid territory.     

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  • 36.96 KW Solar System at N.E.W. Christian Academy in Palisades Park New Jersey

    Palisades Park, N.J., July 12, 2012 – N.E.W. Christian Academy and EBR Energy Corporation are proud to announce the planned commissioning of the newly installed solar photovoltaic (“Photovoltaic”) system at 426 Commercial Avenue in Palisades Park, New Jersey on July 20, 2012 at 1:30PM EST. The 36.96 kW system is expected to produce 40,662 kWh in the first year of operation, and is expected to reduce 71.7% of electricity cost in its first year of ...

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  • BHP Billiton Selects EBR Energy for Rural Electrification Projects

    May 25, 2012 - BHP Billiton selects EBR Energy (Pakistan) to provide solar-based electricity to rural communities in southern Pakistan.  BHP Billiton has been operating in Sindh province of Pakistan since 1998.  As part of its corporate initiative, BHP Billiton has been active in the communities in which it operates.  As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, BHP Billiton ensures that local communities also benefit from the natural resource exploration activities. Upon success of ...

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  • Deutsche Bank Selects EBR Energy To Implement Solar Water Pumps

    Deutsche Bank (DB) through its primary consultant has chosen EBR Energy (Pakistan) to implement a pilot project as part of its ‘Access to Safe Drinking Water (ASDW)’ program.  Through ASDW program, DB is committed to help rural communities in various communities in Pakistan (and other developing countries) to retrieve safe underground drinking water, provide filtration methods and to help the communities store the water for manageable usage. EBR Energy will installed one of its proven solar-based ...

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  • EBR Energy Now Offers Residential Solar Lease

    Effective June 01, 2012, EBR Energy is pleased to offer Residential Solar Lease option to its customers in NJ, MA, PA, MD and Washington DC.  Zero ($0) down solar lease programs are offered through association with NRG Solar program.  The 20-year residential lease will save the homeowners thousands of dollars with absolutely no maintenance cost.   Please call 1-855-276-5270 for more information about the program details.

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